Revealing Earth's Treasures for a Decade

A life of Mineral Intrigue

While growing up in the dry foothills of southeast Colorado, I was obsessed with rocks, gems, and minerals. I had been inspired by the extensive collection of my great grandfather. He had a lifetime of adventure in the Alaskan wilderness as a mining engineer ultimately depicted by a wealth of geologic knowledge, lapidary prowess, and specimen galore! His extensive clout was always centered on the dedication to preserve Earth's treasures, all of his specimens each treated with care to ensure they remained the highest quality.


Inspired by my great grandfather, my obsession grew into studying geology constantly and rockhounding in the breaks. I would take any chance I was given to stumble around the mountains longing to find excellent rocks. Similar to my great grandfather, I developed a deep respect for the rocks, gems, and minerals I was collecting.

Even with this respect, I felt as if the rocks I collected could be re-branded to exemplify their natural beauty and amplify their mineralogical complexity.

Thus I began to indulge in the lapidary arts. After investing into lapidary equipment, I have spent a decade (over half of my young life) perfecting my lapidary skills to re-brand the rough rocks into cabochons! I strive to create cabochons that protect mineralogical magnificence of every stone while creating a stunning cabochon perfect for wire wrapping or display!

This translates into unconventional lapidary practices and only creating the highest quality of cabochons. At Cholla Lapidary our dedication to exemplifying Earth's natural treasures also converts into our true start-to-finish lapidary processing. We are proud to collect and process our own stones from grabbing them off Earth's surface to completing the cutting and polishing. We are the most proud though of how our cabochons exemplify the natural beauty and mineralogical complexity of every rock.

We hope you enjoy and thank you,

Caelen Burand, founder Cholla Lapidary