Custom cutting

*All Custom Cutting Will Be Delayed until December, as a student attending college I do not have the equipment to cut and polish stones until this time.

Personally Revealing Earth's Treasures for You! 

Cholla Lapidary is proud to present our customers with custom cutting and lapidary services! Our services include, but are not limited to: modifying a stone you see on our site, creating a new cabochon to your design with the stone of your choice, cutting, and much more. For more information please contact us and we will create a time for a full consultation!

To Inquire
Contact Us!

To inquire about custom lapidary services please contact us using the form below. We ask you identify the type of cutting (personal stones or modifications) in the subject area. If a personal stone we ask you to include rough size specifications for the rock and clearly identify your desired outcome for our service. We will then conduct a full consultation to create your perfect cabochon! The consultation is free and will include an estimated cost.

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Pricing for every product is unique and dependent on the time and equipment needed to create the cabochon. We charge $18/hour for cabochon creation (minimum wage with equipment costs) and an additional $8 fee if cutting is needed. Personal stones may require additional shipping and handling costs.

Personal Stones

Have a personal stone you would like transformed into a cabochon? We can likely do it! We charge based on the time required for creation, and equipment required as the above guidelines specify. We DO charge for shipping and handling of these stones.

Our Stones

These stones are priced very similarily to those displayed in the galleries. With excess rock slabs for nearly every cabochon listed online we are proud to be able to simulate a rock you see on our site in a different shape or size. Pricing for these stones is cheaper because they are oftentimes already cut and do not require the time for cutting.